SponsorHub FAQ

What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a form of media. It’s an investment in an event, organization person or other "property" or "asset" in return for access to a portion of the commercial potential associated with that property. When a brand purchases a sponsorship, it receives a number of "benefits," such as VIP hospitality, signage, product placement, speaking role, endorsements, social media mentions, etc. Each of these benefits has value and it’s our aim at SponsorHub to allow for unprecedented transparency around the underlying value of a sponsorship.

Can I advertise on SponsorHub?

Yes, SponsorHub sells three types of advertising. We offer the opportunity to purchase a variety of standard display ads, which run throughout our site. Our site is frequented by a highly targeted group of sponsors and property owners -- decision makers who drive sponsorships for their brand or agency. You can also buy ads in our e-newsletters, which reach property owners, marketers, agencies and other players in the sponsorship value chain. Finally, we offer opportunities to promote your sponsorships as "Promoted Listings." For more information, please contact Tiffany Piracha (tiffany@sponsorhub.com).

What is the quality of the sponsorship opportunities with SponsorHub?

We take listing quality very seriously because we know from experience that as a brand or agency-side buyer of sponsorships, you need complete, accurate content. Our team vets every producer and sponsorship opportunity owner allowed into the system. Some events are marked with a SponsorHub Verified Event tag which means that we have sent our event verification team to an event listed in our system and checked listing accuracy.

How can I contact SponsorHub with feedback, questions or media inquiries?

Please click here to be directed to our contact form. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Will my contact information be shared with other users of SponsorHub?

Your contact information is not available to other SponsorHub users.

I have submitted a request to sponsor an event. What happens now?

A member of the SponsorHub team will contact you to fully understand your needs. We will then submit your needs to the event owner or producer who listed the event in our system. If a match can be made, we will put the two parties together.

Sponsorship Opportunity Questions

How do I create a sponsorship proposal?

It’s easy! First, create an account. Once your account has been activated by a member of the SponsorHub team, you can login using the username and password provided. After you’ve logged in, click the "Create an Event" button on your control panel. Now, you can follow the simple, step-by-step process on that page. You can save anytime and return to the proposal later. You can also use the "preview" link to look at your proposal from the eyes of a brand or agency decision-maker. We are committed to curating a diverse repository of sponsorship opportunities so a member checks each listing before it is served to our private network of sponsors.

How soon will my sponsorship opportunity be listed?

Within 48 hours of submission, if approved.

Once it’s submitted, can I still edit my proposal?

Yes, we allow you to view, edit or delete your own proposals at any time from your control panel.

Is SponsorHub free?

It is absolutely free to sign up for SponsorHub, list your sponsorable opportunities, search and otherwise use our software platform. There are no hidden fees. We only earn money when a successful connection is made between a sponsor and a property. For details or to join our network, please feel free to contact us here.

Does SponsorHub have a support team to assist me in getting up to speed in the marketplace?

Absolutely, we are happy to help. We offer initial training to all sponsors and producers who are accepted into our marketplace and are always ready to assist with technical questions. If you would like more comprehensive Consulting Services, please contact us and a member of our Consulting Services team will contact you to review your needs.

Can you tell me a little more about SponsorHub Consulting Services

SponsorHub Consulting Services is a team of sponsorship industry professionals-- alumni of top agencies, brands and event production companies. If you are a sponsorship owner or sponsor, we can help with anything from sponsorship proposal structuring to ticketing and full event production. Sponsors leverage our expertise to find perfect events that match their unique goals.

How can I get my event featured on the homepage?

Our featured events are handpicked by our editorial team. We look for unique and amazing events (they don’t have to be large or well-known). You will need to have excellent high-resolution photographs of your event posted within the proposal. We also look for event listing completeness.

Can I see which sponsors are looking at my proposal?

To protect our sponsors’ privacy, we do not allow event owners and producers to see which individual sponsors are viewing a specific proposal. You can, however, see how many sponsors have viewed your event.

Can I have multiple proposals listed at once?

Definitely, we want you to list all of your events in SponosrHub. It’s always free to list.

Can I save searches?

Yes. From the search screen, click the link to "Save Search." This link is located within the search filter panel on the left side of the screen.