Our Story

We unite properties and brands via a platform driven by powerful data tools.”

SponsorHub’s powerful data tools help brands and their agencies track and measure their most important customer engagements – including major events, athletes, teams and leagues, in real-time.

Bob Johnston, CEO

Our Tech

We are passionate about changing the game of sponsorship value and disrupting the current market.”

Our proprietary technology can forecast and track before, during and post-sponsorship – and retroactively, too – helping you to gain a deep understanding of ROI. We also measure the social and digital footprint surrounding a sponsorship, endorsement or rights licensing deal, providing a full view of your brand amongst other sponsors and even your competitors.

Andrew Reid, CTO
  • Vision

    Quantify the value of a sponsorship using our award-winning toolset

  • Product

    Visualize and automatically measure all social media, press, on-site engagement and total reach

  • Culture

    Best of class solutions for the enterprise driving creativity, agility and the bottom line

Our Teams

Justifying your partnership spending and activations is crucial for CMOs and CFOs nowadays – our powerful and easy to use tools arm you with every detail you’ll need to show real value.”
Andrew Stein, VP, Business Development
Our software isn't developed in a silo. We build innovative solutions everyday by working as a team to solve business problems from every angle.”
Chris Luken, SVP, Analytics and Product Development
  • Agile Leaders

    We’re focused on cultivating learning and growth so that every product we build is transformational for you

  • Usability Experts

    We focus on helping you be accurate and efficient to have the satisfaction of completing your task quickly and successfully

  • Data Designers

    Our designers combine deep data science with elegant visualizations that show you exactly what you need, when you need it

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